Off the Beaten Paths

Bali & Beyond Magazine – January 2014

[Please read in the green link above]

I have always loved writing, yet I never took the time to actually do much of it apart from what I write for work. If I could have a double-job, I would be a travel writer, only if I had the time to do it all.

Back in December, I got in touch with an old university mate of mine from way-back-when in London. Miko, that’s his name, is now the Editor for Bali & Beyond Magazine and he was kind enough to let me contribute to a “Capital Corner” article. The article is suppose unveil all the great things to do in the city of Jakarta for their Bali readers.
I’m mostly grateful for the opportunity that was presented to me. I never thought I was capable of having my article published in a magazine. Dreams do come true…one at a time!
The creativity flows…
I wrote this article during my lunch time at the office, it’s not breaking any policy because it was my break anyways.

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