Brands and their Pranks

During my spare time, whether it’s at home before bed or during my lunch break at work, I like to browse on interesting topics from recent human studies, latest technologies to most bizarre desserts in the world.

Recently, I’ve become obsessed with creatively awkward and random advertising. After drooling over a number of websites, YouTube videos and blogs, I’ve collected a number of interesting ads that illustrates their products in real-life situations. What I really meant was…Brand Prank-ing! It simply means these brands are advertising publicly by pranking their audience, to get a true feel product’s impact.

For brands to grab the public attention, it no longer applies to just simple print or digital advertising, but revert to physical public displays and demonstrations. I have to say, some are just brilliant…whilst I’m scooping more of the hilarious ads.

Judge for yourself. Laugh.

Pepsi’s epic Bus stop invasion – I MISS LONDON 😦


LG Goes Wild!


Random Digestion Meds Ad


Even Pine-Sol!


McDonald’s Happy Ad, yet bitchy! Wi-fi Away




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