The Return

So it’s been four months since my last blog entry. A lot has changed since…well nothing too drastic!

Let me recap…for my own purposeful-sake…I realized how the last 4 entries may have sounded so depressing or more of a post-break up moment. So here it goes…

1. Broke up…hated the A**hole…(P.s. Never date a man who can’t make up his bloody mind or keep his promise!)

2. Stress with work…haven’t time for blogging

3. Gained more weight (Shizzzzz!)

4. Quit Gym…started intense dancing classes (hip hop to be exact)

5. Quit my amazing Job…Bought only flight tickets to Bali and back…No hotels…Got a freelance job…now teaching Dance in Jakarta…(decided I would just compile everything in this one and make it quick)

It turned out well for me I suppose. Not bad at all! In fact a life changing experience…which you’ll surely figure out as you read through my upcoming posts. Lots of projects in mind and I can’t wait to start it.




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