Dissecting the Algorithm of Love

It was almost midnight when I received a spark of inspiration to write about this specific topic. With consecutive yawns and watery eyes, I came across Amy Webb’s brilliant presentation on the algorithm of love.

For a singleton like myself, I take a great big interest in this matter. I have always tried to figure out what is wrong with me and why have I not found the right man in my life?! But that’s not a concern nor should it put me down.

Then Amy Webb laid it all out on the table and walked out with all the money chips, as if she just scored a perfect 21 in black jack. Webb basically broke it down in a mathematical equation of scoring many hits on an online dating site. She does this by identifying what makes her an ideal candidate for guys to begin interacting with her.

Two words. Mind Blowing!

Enough of my blabber, best you listen to her explanation of this algorithm that seize to exist. A comical yet theoretical outlook on fulfilling your love and passion in this world.

I swear I’m going to start my own little experimental campaign very soon….hmmm



Off the Beaten Paths

Bali & Beyond Magazine – January 2014

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I have always loved writing, yet I never took the time to actually do much of it apart from what I write for work. If I could have a double-job, I would be a travel writer, only if I had the time to do it all.

Back in December, I got in touch with an old university mate of mine from way-back-when in London. Miko, that’s his name, is now the Editor for Bali & Beyond Magazine and he was kind enough to let me contribute to a “Capital Corner” article. The article is suppose unveil all the great things to do in the city of Jakarta for their Bali readers.
I’m mostly grateful for the opportunity that was presented to me. I never thought I was capable of having my article published in a magazine. Dreams do come true…one at a time!
The creativity flows…
I wrote this article during my lunch time at the office, it’s not breaking any policy because it was my break anyways.

YOLOP goes wake boarding!

YOLOP goes wake boarding at Indonesia’s First Cable Park at Epic in Ancol, North Jakarta!

I started in September 2013 with a forceful request by my bestfriend Lius, who was a wake boarder himself. The only reason I started this sport was because Lius took my dare to play golf with me and in return I shall ride a wake board for him…which I ended up doing.
What started as a trial session for my bestfriend five months ago became my favorite sport!
I thought I would share with you guys how I spend my weekend nowadays…far away from central in sunny side of North Jakarta.

Runaway to Bromo

In less than five days, I booked a tour and a flight to Surabaya for a short weekend adventure up Mount Bromo in East Java, Indonesia.

Living in the congested metropolis of Jakarta can be chaotic and frustrating. This spur of the moment trip was motivated by the fact that I hadn’t any capacity left to ingest this city’s madness. Time to pack and go.
Took my bestfriend with me and off we went on our one night trip up to Bromo and a one night stay in Surabaya upon our departure from Bromo. It was an added bonus of culinary divine, where we proudly divulge in a very fattening and high-cholestrol dish of RAWON two nights in row.
Surabaya bound from Jakarta.

Surabaya bound from Jakarta.

It began with a 7.50am flight from Jakarta to Surabaya and we landed at exactly 9.20am with our tour driver waiting for us upon our arrival. Pak Bagus, was his name, took us on a 4-hour drive up to Probolinggo, an area close to Bromo in East Java. We drove passed the famous “Lapindo” area and through Pasuruan where Kelod Mountain stands tall in clear view. The long drive was satisfying, we were able to catch up on our sleep and brace our excitement for what was to come.
Car ride from Surabaya to Probolinggo.

Car ride from Surabaya to Probolinggo, East Java.

At about 1.10pm we arrived in our hotel, Java Banana, it is pretty much the five-star of Bromo area hotel. Although, many were recommended to try the Lava View hotel or Cafe Lava Hostel – where it’s much more reasonably price and with a view. For the rest of the day, we curiously walked the surrounding villages which took us on a 2.5km walk/trek around.

Trekking through the village on our arrival.

It was one of those, two girls with an iPhone camera and many “selfie” moments, where we took as many photos as possible to show two city girls had ventured out into the “wild”.

During our 2.5km trek around the village.

During our 2.5k trek around the village. Selfie!

Mind you, we were exhausted from all that post-arrival photo and walking sessions, that we finally resorted to a nice warm shower, a laptop movie, Rawon dinner and then an early sleep. Did I mention, we made a new Dutch friend during dinner? The hotel was fairly quiet even though the occupancy was close to full.

With our Dutch buddy in Bromo.

With our Dutch buddy in Bromo.

At 2.30am our hotel room phone rang with a wake up call that buzzed us right out of bed in full excitement. With all our clothes prepped on the sofa the night before, we rushed to cloth ourselves and believe it or not…we even had the effort for full make-up to ensure our photos were going to look Great!
In the jeep catching sunrise.

In the jeep catching sunrise.

At 3.10am our tour guide, Memet, knocked on our door to ensure we were awake and ready to go. At 3.20am, we closed the room door behind us and made our way to what was to be our epic 4-wheel drive jeep that would take us all around our Bromo adventures that day – Pak Rudy was the coolest driver ever.
Foggy up view point.

Foggy up view point.

The first drive took us through the dark routes to our view point for sunrise, which unfortunately ended up being foggy and no sunrise.
Coffee and banana fritters in the foggy sunrise.

Coffee and banana fritters in the foggy sunrise.

Nevertheless, we kept our hopes high and drove down the mountain where we found ourselves in a massive field view of greenery and Mount Bromo right in front of us. We took as many photos and videos to capture these breathtaking moments, which you’ll find attached to this blog. We hiked Mount Bromo without the help of the cute ponies, visited the desert “Pasir Berbisik” and also Teletubies Land – they named it after the actual TV show because it replicates the same setup of greenery.
Sitting at the top of Bromo Mountain

Sitting at the top of Bromo Mountain.

The short and sweet adventure was filled with self-introspections and strengthened friendships. As an Indonesian, I would usually opt to travel the world outside of my own country, only to realize that the beauty does lay within. Indulging in the breathtaking views of Bromo has made me realize how much I’m truly missing out from my own country. I couldn’t be more prouder and happy to say my Bucket List has officially been filled with trips all over Indonesia.
Jumping for joy at the bottom of Teletubbie Land!

Jumping for joy at the bottom of Teletubbie Land, Bromo

Proud moment. Many more to climb.