Coca-cola scores human interaction

I have to give it to Coca-Cola, they will never stop innovating!

If you think about it, they have had the same product, the same font and color identity for years. Yet, they are able to embed this soft-drink into everything and I mean everything! If you think RED, most people would think of Roses, Santa Claus and Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola have created some of the world’s most innovative and interactive public campaigns worldwide. It never seize to amaze me that they just keep growing. Their campaigns have managed to bring people together and tapping into the most affective kind of  advertising which causes HUMAN INTERACTION. Bravo!

Most companies crave for that kind of public interest and attention. Coca-cola continuously try to portray that they are no longer just  a household name, but as an experience on its own.

Here I put together a few videos Coke’s endless triumphs of interactive campaigns.

Just for your viewing pleasure: