#MY10MINS : Take Time

Here’s a hashtag for all of us!


Today, I sat for about 10 minutes going through what has happened in the last few days of my life and realized some of the most important things that I have forgotten to appreciate.

I thought we all should be taking a 10-minute break in pure self introspection. It helps you to realize that life isn’t just about the 10 meters of your vicinity but the bigger picture (if that isn’t obvious enough! Duh). I guess I’m pretty slow at it. But these are my thoughts today:

1. There’s Always More!

The end of something great, doesn’t mean it’s the end of everything. It’s learning about taking time and space for yourself as well as understanding that time does heal everything.

2. Be thankful for the positive people and influence in your life.

So many times I always thought I’m alone in figuring things out in this world, but the fact is, others do care. This goes to my family and my best friends. I couldn’t be more thankful to have you guys in my life to confide in any given situation.

3. Feel beautiful inside and out.

Keeping that confidence going is a plus in any given negative situation that you may have gone through. It’s so DAMN HARD! I know…trust me I’ve been through it, but you know what, ONLY YOU CAN TAKE CONTROL OF HOW YOU FEEL NO MATTER HOW BAD THINGS GET.

4. Music is my therapy.

It’s true! I have a soundtrack in my head for every situation I’ve been through and I love the fact that it reflects the way I feel in my life. If there is no music, I wouldn’t know what to do.

5. Pray

This is something I’m working on. It’s been tough ever since I moved back home because I’ve never been used to so many rules and being told to pray. But it does keep us all sane (like a good workout, which unfortunately I do not enjoy doing).

6. Aim

Never lose sight of your ambitions. My family, my best friends and even my Xs have taught me that. No matter how hard things get, if you still have ambitions, you will always find your way back. This is what makes you a greater person than you already are!

7. Live.

Live Life to the Fullest! As cheesy as it sounds, it’s the truth. I have never felt so alive when I truly live. Finding yourself over and over again is a challenge but you’ll come to discover things that you never thought that you, yourself would be capable of or would do.

Courtesy of Pinterest.

Courtesy of Pinterest.

I could only come up with 7 things within that 10 minutes of my personal session. It’s a great feeling to get this out. Remember to hashtag it. I’d love to read up your 10 Minutes. Perhaps, I’ll even be inspired to try your ways of things.