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ACCORDING TO: Wikipedia about Love-Struck


Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

A 2005 article by Frank Tallis suggested that being utterly romantically lovestruck be taken more seriously by professionals.[7]

Being lovestruck only occurs when a person has fallen deeply in love, not when a huge crush emerges. However, that sort of crush might develop into pure, real romantic love. “For love-struck victims, the world appears altered. Replacing the flatness of ordinary experience is a fullness”.[8]

According to Tallis, some of the symptom clusters shared with being lovestruck include:

  • Abnormally elevated mood, inflated self-esteem, extravagant gift giving
  • Tearfulness
  • Loss of concentration and difficulty sleeping
  • Lack of appetite
  • Stress: high blood pressure, pain in chest and heart, acute insomnia; sometimes brought on by a “crush
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder – Preoccupation and hoarding valueless but superstitiously resonant items
  • psychologically created physical symptoms, such as upset stomach, change in appetite, insomnia, dizziness, and confusion.

More substantively, the estimated serotonin levels of people falling in love were observed to drop to levels found in patients with OCD.[9] Brain scan investigations of individuals who professed to be “truly, madly, deeply” in love showed activity in several structures in common with in the neuroanatomy of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), for example the anterior cingulate cortex and caudate nucleus.[10]


Love-struck and sickness

It’s a bucket of bliss, anger, tears, funk, laughter and love! One moment you’re feeling amazing, in-love and happy, then the world turns as those ill-feeling thoughts start to pour out.

What do you call that?

I define it as Love-struck…or in some major cases as Love-sick…as in sickness from love!

Defined asso in love with someone that it is difficult to behave as usual or even think of anything else except the person you love by Cambridge Dictionary .

Hilarious, I know.


It’s unbelievable how many studies have been published in regards to identifying the sickness and symptoms that arises throughout the course of love or falling in love. Interesting enough, it depicts all the correct symptoms that an individual is experiencing whilst they are in these given situations. But how many can say that they have experienced extreme cases of love?

After seeing and going through a number of sessions with my best friends, where I would counsel them on falling in love, maintaining their fast-paced relationship as well as lovesickness, I find myself buried in my own preachings. I realized that I couldn’t take what I preach. It was all a big blur to me but it makes absolutely sense for everybody else.

It’s that feeling where you can’t describe and hoping that you won’t have to because it just feels too painful to discuss.

I think this image below says it all:

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest. [click to enlarge]

Did you know there are a list of symptoms that may indicate a love-struck or lovesickness (in love not after a break-up)?

Here, I share with you signs that shows You’re Lovesick from a very source-full site! Sourced from EverydayHealth.  


Photo courtesy of AustralianKiwi Blogspot.

Photo courtesy of AustralianKiwi Blogspot.

1. The Love-Struck Bug

During the first few months of arelationship, the chemicals in our brains that get triggered include the neurotransmitters phenethylamine, dopamine, norepinephrine, and oxytocin — dubbed the love hormone, oxytocin is a strong pleasure and satisfaction neurotransmitter that helps two people bond, Dr. Hullett says. But while they can make us feel blissful, they can also result in loss of appetite, inability to concentrate, and difficulty falling asleep. Over time, however, these effects tend to subside, says Hullett.

2. Limerence: An Addiction to Love

For some people, lovesickness goes beyond butterflies: It may also induce physical effects, such as heart palpitations, shortness of breath, stomach pain, loss of sleep, and depression, all which may persist and prevent you from functioning normally. Also known as limerence, this condition is marked by extreme attraction to another, as well as an obsessive need to have feelings returned.

3. Infections Depression – BEWARE!

You know you can catch a cold from your partner, but did you realize you can alsocatch his depression? Though states of mind are not technically contagious, research shows that someone with a blue mood can negatively impact the spirits of those around him.

4. Emotional (my personal source of experience)

You can begin to feel sick, nauseous, ill-feel and gravitating towards sadness and  love depression. There are moments where you can feel so sad, you become tearful because you are happy and there is just no way of explaining it. Contradictory!

5. Frustration (my personal source of experience)

Frustration can begin to kick in because you are unable to identify the feelings that you are experiencing. You can’t seem to find the correct answers to this situation. Speechless and stuck!

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Dissecting the Algorithm of Love

It was almost midnight when I received a spark of inspiration to write about this specific topic. With consecutive yawns and watery eyes, I came across Amy Webb’s brilliant presentation on the algorithm of love.

For a singleton like myself, I take a great big interest in this matter. I have always tried to figure out what is wrong with me and why have I not found the right man in my life?! But that’s not a concern nor should it put me down.

Then Amy Webb laid it all out on the table and walked out with all the money chips, as if she just scored a perfect 21 in black jack. Webb basically broke it down in a mathematical equation of scoring many hits on an online dating site. She does this by identifying what makes her an ideal candidate for guys to begin interacting with her.

Two words. Mind Blowing!

Enough of my blabber, best you listen to her explanation of this algorithm that seize to exist. A comical yet theoretical outlook on fulfilling your love and passion in this world.

I swear I’m going to start my own little experimental campaign very soon….hmmm