The Lonely Era

This spectacular video by Eran Stern clearly illustrates of how this digital era has occupied our time from real-life experiences. We have conformed our mentality to believe that friendships are based on the interaction feedback we receive on our social network profiles as we avoid the feeling of being lonely.

Two words.
Brilliantly True.


Dissecting the Algorithm of Love

It was almost midnight when I received a spark of inspiration to write about this specific topic. With consecutive yawns and watery eyes, I came across Amy Webb’s brilliant presentation on the algorithm of love.

For a singleton like myself, I take a great big interest in this matter. I have always tried to figure out what is wrong with me and why have I not found the right man in my life?! But that’s not a concern nor should it put me down.

Then Amy Webb laid it all out on the table and walked out with all the money chips, as if she just scored a perfect 21 in black jack. Webb basically broke it down in a mathematical equation of scoring many hits on an online dating site. She does this by identifying what makes her an ideal candidate for guys to begin interacting with her.

Two words. Mind Blowing!

Enough of my blabber, best you listen to her explanation of this algorithm that seize to exist. A comical yet theoretical outlook onĀ fulfilling your love and passion in this world.

I swear I’m going to start my own little experimental campaign very soon….hmmm